Getting a MySiteNow website

How do I obtain a MySiteNow website?

Contact a reseller — or better still, contact several and compare quotes. We will be happy to give you the email addresses of a few suitable resellers if you just fill in the form on the right of this page, roughly describing your requirements. Or you can use our forum (see the Find a reseller topic) to check out their websites.

Can I see what I'm getting before I pay?

Your reseller will send you a 'link' you can enter in your browser so you can see how your website is progressing, and you will have the option, subject to the terms of your agreement with your reseller, to request changes or, if you are not happy with the results, to cancel your order.

Subscriptions, payments and accounts

What does it cost?

The cost depends on the reseller. They all give good value, so shop around!

How do I pay my yearly subscription?

This depends on your reseller, but normally you will pay though PayPal into your reseller's account. You can do this via a link on a private page of your website.

When do I have to pay my yearly subscription?

We will send a reminder to your registered email address four weeks before the subscription anniversary date.

What if I don't pay my yearly subscription on time?

Your reseller can request that your site be suspended, but we are reluctant to do this unless it is really necessary. Please get in touch with your reseller and make appropriate arrangements if possible.

Security and hosting

Where is my website hosted?

MySiteNow websites are hosted by Fasthosts on dedicated servers.

If you're interested in the technicalities, we use PHP for server-side scripting, a MySQL database with our own proprietary software to maintain website data, e-commerce and other modules, and AJAX for client-server synchronisation.

How secure is the data on your servers?

  • No private or personal data is held on our servers, so it cannot be at risk
  • Access to site management functions is restricted by user name and password so only you can maintain your site.
  • Off-site daily backups are made automatically so your data is protected
  • Content can be backed up on site whenever required, protecting you from your own mistakes!
  • SSL is available with choice of certificates if required (chargeable). Please ask your reseller for details.

What happens if I don't have a domain name?

If you don't have a domain name you can either register one or simply publish your site as a subdomain of (for example: If you register your own domain name you will need to carry out a small amount of setting up before you can publish your site, but it isn't difficult and your reseller or your domain registrar can usually do it for you.

What happens if I already have a domain name?

If you already have domain name (e.g. '') you can use it for your new website. Detailed instructions showing how to do this are provided.

Can I register a new domain name for my website?

There are many companies (called 'domain name registrars') who can help you find a domain name and register it for you. You can then associate the domain name with your new website.

If you would like us to help you find, register, and set up a suitable domain name we can do so, and will happily provide a quote depending on your requirements,

For more information email, call 01223 911 731 (international: +44 1223 911 731), or Skype us at 'mysitenow'.

Editing and customisation

What is Total Content Management?

Many online website builders give you a limited capability to change parts of your website. MySiteNow lets you change virtually anything on the standard pages simply by overtyping (if it's text) or uploading (if it's an image). You edit the website directly and save it with a simple click of a button. It's as simple as using a word-processor. We call it Total Content Management.

What if I need help?

There is an extensive tutorial that you can download and print once you have logged in, or we will send you a printed copy for a small charge. There is also a working demo that will help you to get ideas, and you can contact us by Skype, phone or email.

What if I can't find the answer to my problem using the instructions provided?

Email us at and we'll either email the answer to you or call you on your registered contact phone number. It's all part of the service. We also have a built-in problem reporting system and can be contacted via Skype.

What size should images be for my website?

You can upload images of any reasonable size and they will be resized automatically to fit the designated space. Masthead images however are not resized and must always be the correct size (900 x 180 pixels) before uploading.


Why do you use PayPal for payments processing?

PayPal is the leading payments processing service for online transactions. It's safe, secure, and simple. And because payments are processed through the PayPal portal, your MySiteNow website doesn't need its own SSL authentication, which helps us to keep your costs down.

Why do I need a PayPal account for my e-commerce website?

Your customers need to be able to pay for the goods they order. PayPal allows them do this online when they make their order, and to use the payment method that suits them — including credit and debit cards.

You can transfer funds from PayPal into your bank account whenever you wish.

What sort of PayPal account will I need?

You should use a 'Business' account. Personal and Premier accounts are unsuitable for use with MySiteNow e-commerce.

How will I know what my customers have ordered and paid for?

PayPal notifies you via your website of all orders made and payments received. This information is maintained by your site in a central database, and displayed on your Orders page when you log in.

You can also tell you website to send you an email each time you receive an order.

How will I know where to ship my goods?

PayPal sends shipping information to your website. If you wish, you can download this, along with other ordering information, to help you print correct labels using your word-processor.

Are any charges levied by PayPal?

Yes. PayPal does make a per-transaction charge, but in our opinion the charges are reasonable and competitive. Full details are available on the PayPal website.

How do I get a PayPal account?

Simply click here to go to the PayPal website and sign up for a business account. If you have any difficulties please get in touch and we'll be happy to assist.


What information about me do you hold on your server?

The only information we hold about you is your contact details, your website subscriptions, and, of course, the website itself, including e-commerce transactions. We do not hold (or have access to) any information about your PayPal account or financial transactions other than payments received and orders made from your website.

Do you have access to my website?

Yes. Because we value our reputation we reserve the right to inspect websites and any related files to ensure that they conform to relevant legal and, where appropriate, ethical standards, but we will not of course pass on any information about your site to anyone else unless legally required to do so. For more information please check our Terms and Conditions.

Will you ever pass my contact details on to a third party?

No – unless required to by law, of course.

If I no longer require my website will you remove all my data from your server?

If we delete a website all the data we held about you is also removed from the server. If you no longer require your website we will delete it upon authenticated request.

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