What you get with MySiteNow

Key features

Instant website—you don't even need a domain name
You can start selling your products and services immediately even if you don't have a domain name for your website (we will host it as a subdomain of MySiteNow). If you already have a domain name or purchase one later you can easily connect it to your website.

All you need is a standard internet browser (no additional software to learn, download or pay for)

Nothing to do except enter your own product (or service) listings, text and pictures

Fully integrated e-commerce — maintain your list of products and product categories with our unique, easy-to-use automated e-commerce solution

Free trial period for two weeks

Unlimited number of web pages (subject to our Fair Use Policy)

Seamlessly integrated members-only pages with password-protection

Web hosting included

Up to ten email addresses, with optional redirection
You can easily set these up youself once you have published your site — just enter the email address and MySiteNow does the rest!

Email and phone support, and printable on-line Tutorial

Built-in events diary to keep colleagues and customers up to date with events, or for your own personal use

Built-in document library so visitors to your site can download documents you provide — useful for price lists, brochures and other promotional materials

E-commerce features

Payment processing is fully integrated with PayPal — including branding Paypal payment pages with your masthead

No restriction on the number of shop pages (subject to our Fair Use Policy)

No restriction on the number of items per page (subject to our Fair Use Policy)

Full order history built in as standard

Itemised sales invoices and detailed sales reports are built in as standard

E-commerce enable your existing site with our 'link-in' option
If you have your own website already but don't have an e-commerce capability, you can link it to our online shop. Contact us for details

Website optimisation


SEO Tools

The main points

Using just a standard internet browser MySiteNow creates an e-commerce website for you, and enables you to customise and maintain it online.

You don't need to download or install any special software or require any technical programming skills.

All you have to do is drop in your text and product details (pictures, description and price) into your own customisable, ready-made website. Then start selling online — it couldn't be easier.

We use Firefox®

Click to get Firefox®

Sites created using MySiteNow can be viewed in any of the principal commercial browsers (Firefox®, Safari®, Google Chrome®, Internet Explorer®) but for site maintenance Firefox® is required. Browsers differ in their editing behaviours and we have decided on Firefox as it is standards-compliant and reliable.

Extra features

We have an expanding range of add-ons that can be incorporated into your site — some at no additional cost — from blogs to industrial-strength modules such as our new Organisation Management component. Contact us for more detailed information.

The 'lazy' option

Do you hate computers? Would you rather we put it together for you? Just give us a call (01223 858069) and we'll be happy to help.