All About Us...

MySiteNow is a registered trading name of Business Data Online Limited – specialists in the development of bespoke online business solutions.

Accounts Anywhere

Accounts Anywhere is a secure online accountancy service available to businesses and their accountants over the internet. It offers an easy-to-use but feature-rich accounts service with a high level of reliability at a very low cost.

Accounts Anywhere is appreciated both by accountants and by their clients, providing a convenient way of monitoring clients' accounts without the need for time consuming face-to-face meetings.

Using the Accounts Anywhere service your business will be able to produce invoices, quotes, cash flow statements, management reports and much more, all at the click of a button.

Online management systems

Our Online Management Systems offers groups, teams and associations a means of managing their activities through a secure online database driven custom website. These systems are ideally suited to groups such as Orchestras or Sports clubs that need to record members details and skill sets, arrange practice sessions/rehearsals and invite participation to performances/matches. All of this can be easily managed through our OMS systems without the need for making phone calls and leaving numerous messages.

When arranging performances or matches, skill sets of members can be matched to the skill requirements for the specific event, thereby making selection and availability far easier to manage.